Saturday, July 20, 2013

Departure Roulette

In case you haven’t seen this yet, on Thursday Heineken uploaded a video, “Departure Roulette” to YouTube and it already has over one million views.  It is a fantastic PR stunt and has to do with travel.  The Heineken team set up a booth at JFK airport and asked travelers if they were willing to give up their current itineraries to hit a button that would send them to a random destination around the world – without having the ability to go home, back a new bag, etc. 

The comedy ensues with some people saying absolutely not, while others cave and decide to play the game.  My favorite part is probably when those that accepted to take the plunge are calling their friends and relatives to try to explain what they are doing, why they won’t be able to meet up, etc.  Towards the end you have the one couple “fighting” with the guy wanting to take the chance while the woman is trying to drag him away.  (Probably going to see her side of the family… just kidding.)
Would you ever consider doing this?  Why or why not?  If I were at the airport for a personal trip, I would have to think that I would press my luck nine times out of ten and go for it.  Trying to explain what I did and why I did it might be a bit tough, but there is a new acronym that fits perfectly here right?  YOLO – You only live once. 
Here is the three minute clip uploaded by the Heineken team:

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